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Hi there

My name is Mapule. I am the founder of Purple Apple Afro Care. I just want to give you a little background if you're keen.

I have experienced many issues with my hair before. I was losing hair in my crown, on my hair line area, my hair was thin and just refused to grow altogether. Little did I know that what I was experiencing was quite common amongst women of colour like me. A visit to a trichologist where I was diagnosed with CCCA led me to go even deeper into research about natural ways of fighting alopecia and also caring for our kind of hair.

With time and research, I got to develop products to care for my hair by eliminating dryness, reducing hair breakage and stimulating healthy natural hair growth around the scalp.

This is literally what Purple Apple Afro Care is about and I hope our products help you as much as they have helped ,me and countless other women and little girls.

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My hair loves your Shea Butter

Baby girl, my hair loves your shea butter. I kept it for 15 minutes and it was so moisturized and silky.

Christine Ericksen

Shampoo is working wonders

I wanted to give feedback regarding my baby's scalp. The shampoo is working wonders.

Nomsa Langa

All thanks to Purple Apple Afro Care

I just want to give testimony of your wonderful product. I am so in love with my hair right now band it's all thanks to Purple Apple Afro Care.Check the hair line, the thickness