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Oil & Butter Set




We have put together a blend of natural oils and butters to give you a premium natural oil to stimulate your hair follicles for healthier hair growth on around your hair line area and scalp. Rosemary Infused Hair Oil brings together the prowess of Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and essential oils to give a stimulating natural oil that will guide you to healthier hair growth. Creamy Shea Butter is a natural whipped butter that seals in the moisture on your hair, keeping it moisturized longer. Moreover, it protects the tips of your hair from deteriorating through split-ends or breakage.  To make the most of this Creamy Shea Butter, apply after spraying Daily Leave-In Conditioner.Creamy Shea Butter can also be used on your skin for softer and smoother skin.


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